Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, on October 31st!

Since Don's birthday is on Halloween, yes I know what you are all thinking, "hmmm, that explains a lot." I have heard it all before. But really he doesn't get the attention he deserves. This year on top of all the Halloween festivities I made him dress up as Dracula. He resisted at first, but then he really got into it. He wouldn't talk to me because he couldn't hold his teeth in and talk at the same time. I promise pictures will eventually come, hopefully by Christmas. I did get him a pie, put Happy Birthday candles in it and sing to him at a neighborhood Halloween party. Anyhow, the point of this post is to wish him a Happy Birthday! He is such a good sport! He is a sweet husband and father. He has kindly given his birthday to the children for the last 10 years, maybe one day he will get to celebrate on his birthday. He is good at giving everyone a hard time, but he has such a big heart and will do anything to help anyone. I was laughing that one of my friend's recently got him to go get her car for her in the rain. He is always willing to help. If I were a really good wife I would list 43 things I love about him, but if he wanted me to do that much writing he should have come on a day other than Halloween because I'm still recovering.
Happy Birthday anyway, Sweetie! We love you!


Brianna E. said...

Hey- thanks again for getting soaked for me and my poor kids Sunday! Oh yeah, happy birthday, too- hope it was a good one!!

Lindsey said...

Hey I have two pics of Don and his pie if you want them. They are on my picasa. Thanks for all the fun!

Janae said...

Happy b-day to your hubby! He shares a b-day with my brother Phillip too. I remember always having a party before did my mom do that?