Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy 12th Anniversary to Us!

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson on our happy day, completely oblivious to all that lay ahead.

Our 12th anniversary day began when I was awoken by a little girl saying, "Mommy, I puked." In a bit of a daze I asked, "Where?" To which she replied, "Upstairs, on the carpet." Which wasn't exactly accurate since it was down the side of the bed, on the books, toys, carpet, door handle, and bathroom floor. At this moment I knew our day would not go as planned and I really regretted not leaving town. Then I stumbled back to bed and remembered one of the many reasons I chose to have kids with Don Johnson. Don cleans up puke! Don has watched me dry heave on multiple occasions anywhere near puke. He usually orders me from the room. So, my amazing, sweet, fantastic husband cleaned up all the puke. He truly is the best! So, our 12th anniversary didn't end up being all that fun, but all the days in between have been great! The Lord managed to lead me to the one man on earth that through all the craziness of life, kids, bills, and puke I still Like and I mean really Like. He is still my favorite person to be with, who knew? I give God all the credit because he is the only one who could have known.

Happy Anniversary, honey!


Brianna E. said...

Cute wedding pics! What a great couple- you guys are the best!

averett's said...

How cute! You look like a short little woman next to that hubby of yours! Everytime I look at you two next to each other I just giggle! Your SOOOO adorable! he he Glad now one else has gotten the pukes (Yet) :) Happy Anniversary!

Angie said...

I know, I know. I look minature. Sheri got a good chuckle out of the picture already, but it is what it is!