Tuesday, October 14, 2008

OK, OK, I'm it!

I guess I have put this off long enough. I have been tagged twice now and the natives (my sister and cousins) are getting restless so I guess I can procrastinate no longer.

The first tag is from my favorite sister, Heather. Now that I look at her blog she tagged me a month ago, wow, time sure flies when you are having fun.

Now for the quirks...

1. I love to-do lists. I have to make one every night before bed. Every to-do list is dated and the first thing on my list is always Get up. I am afraid if I don't plan on it I won't do it, plus just by getting out of bed I get to cross something off my list. And if I do something that is not on the list I will write it down, just so I can cross it off.

2. When I eat I can only eat so much because I have a full lever. We call it the full shivers. Once I am full I can not eat or smell any food or I start to gag and shudder. Don thinks it is great fun to put food in my face and watch me gag. I recently found out that my brother, Spencer also gets the full shivers.

3. When I put on my deodorant I have to have the same number of strokes under each arm. I count and usually as high as 15-20 strokes.

4. I love salt. I put salt on everything. I salt my ketchup instead of my fries because it sticks better to the ketchup than the fries.

5. I have two cordless phones that are exactly the same, but one has a scratch on it. The scratched one has to go on the base in my bedroom and the other one in the kitchen. And I WILL go to the effort of switching them if I find the scratched one in the kitchen. This is a little OCD, I know.

6. I hate blogging. Don't get me wrong, I love reading others blogs, but the idea of others reading mine completely weirds me out, not just others I don't know either. Which is why I have invited very few people to read mine. I am trying to get more comfortable with the whole thing, but while I am writing this I am cringing about posting it.

And for a bonus quirk, I frequently say my prayers in the shower or while drying my hair. It is the only time when everyone will leave alone, but if I have my choice I prefer to pray in the pilates position, "a little piece of heaven".

Phew... Now for my second tag, thanks Kristin

8 things I did today...

1. Got up and resisted the urge to go back to bed.
2. Exercised.
3. Made phone calls for work.
4. Helped arrange childcare and meals for a sister in my ward who fell and hurt her back. More phone calls.
5. Took a friend to the store and went to get a dc.
6. Made the agenda and attended primary presidency meeting.
7. Picked up a neighbors kid from school and ran to another school to give a poor little girl with chapped lips some chapstick.
8. Blogged while helping kids do homework, get snacks and get along. (Oh I wish I would have finished while they were at school.)

8 Shows I Love...
1. Lost
2. Heroes
3. Medium
4. Survivor
And mostly a bunch of reruns...
5. Scrubs
6. King of Queens
7. Still Standing
8. Yes, Dear

8 Restaurants I Love...
1. Pizza Factory
2. Outback
3. PF Changs
4. Art City Trolley
5. Los Hermanos
6. Chick Fil A
7. Olive Garden
8. Training Table

8 Things I am Looking forward to...
1. My next dc (diet coke)
2. My husband coming home from golfing.
3. I am with my sister on this one...Spring!
4. Sleep, always!
5. Scrapbooking...this weekend
6. Girls Retreat...Oct. 24th & 25th
7. A haircut and a pedicure...I am due for both.
8. My basement being finished.

8 Things I am wishing for...
1. A decorated home.
2. More time to scrapbook.
3. A fence on the other half of my yard.
4. Financial Freedom
5. A scrapbook room, completely stocked and organized.
6. A chef that will feed me and my family delicious, healthy well balanced meals.
7. A new car, that is not a gas guzzler, is not a minivan and still fits all my kids and their stuff. (Let me know if you have any suggestions.)
8. A good presidential candidate, but while I'm wishing maybe I will just wish for the Savior to return so he can rule and rein.

And I almost forgot, since I don't let enough people read my blog to possibly tag 6 or 8 people I will just do one for each. I want to hear my sister-in-law Kristy's 6 quirks and my friend and neighbor Lindsey's 8 things.


Kristy said...

I can't keep up with my regular blog updates let alone tags! But I will try my best to reveal some deep dark quirks. Thanks for sharing even if it is painful! I noted how much you love to scrapbook and your diet coke with their numerous mentions. Ha!

Kristin said...

Thanks for sharing, I loved hearing more about you! And as far as the "car" thing goes i think cadillac esclade just came out with a hybrid, it'll only set ya back like $70 or $80 grand!!

Janae said...

Angie!! Thanks for the invite and the post:) I am sorry it was a bit painful;)
I love the blog and that you still fit into your wedding dress! I am going on a diet!!

averett's said...

15-20 strokes with your deoderant!?!? That is very interesting. I guess too much is better than not enough, right?!? You really are weird!

Melanie said...

Angie, you are such a good sport to put up the assault from your blogger cousins at the luncheon. At least you know how popular you are!

LaRae said...

Hi Angie - thanks for the blog invite! Sorry it's taken me a few days to finally make it here. I am still supposed to do the "quirky" tag too. I'm never very good at getting the tag thing done. Oh well - maybe soon. I love salt too, and I have never heard of the full shivers before!