Tuesday, January 20, 2009


OK, so the rule is you have to blog Christmas pretty quickly because after a couple of weeks pass you have no desire to blog it at all. I am shocked that I feel that way because we really had a great Christmas, but I have been really tempted to skip it, but since I do want a record of all the fun I guess I better just get it done.

The kids woke up about 11:30 all ready for Christmas, unfortunately I was just going to bed so it was a long night. We did manage to hold them off until 5:00a.m. I was just trying to talk them into waiting a little longer when they got Jonah up, after that it was a done deal.

Brynna with her dress-up trunk from Grammie. Look at that pure Christmas joy on her face!

Since Jonah had some practice 5 days before he was much better at opening presents, but he did think every present would be a train.

So I was a push-over mom this year. Maleah told me she wouldn't have a Merry Christmas unless she got a puppy. I laughed my head off at her and once again explained how we are not quite ready for that and why you don't want a a puppy in the winter, blah, blah,blah. Shortly after that when I couldn't figure out what to get the girls I made the small mistake of going to see a really well-priced puppy. Once I had him in my arms I was sold. It was all over, only I had to wait ten days and I just about couldn't stand it.
So on Christmas Eve Don went and picked him up. We have some fantastic across the street neighbors, the Gerbers who willingly took him for the night. I can not thank them enough. It was so nice of them to take on the burden of our puppy. Thanks goodness for great friends!
After all the ipods, snowboards, barbies, and trains had been opened I snuck across the street and got the puppy.

This is the look on Maleah's face when she saw what I had.

Then the kids just lined up in order. Josh was first to get a hold of him. Josh loves him. He is so good with him and helps take care of him a lot!

This is Maleah's face once she got a hold of the puppy.

Brynna...well Brynna likes the puppy, but right after this picture she promptly dropped him.
She has a lot to learn.

And here is Jonah trying to hold him. I think that pretty much says it all.

And here is why we have the puppy, I just couldn't resist he is so sweet and snuggly. Unfortunately he also pees, poops, chews on things, and barks. Lucky for him he is cute!

This is Koda. He is a Sheltie and was born October 26th. I didn't think we were ready for a puppy, but so far so good. He is a lot of work, but a lot of fun, just like most good things in life!

As a final note, it only took Maleah two days to hate the puppy. We were at the mall and had to get home to let the puppy out. She was so mad at the inconvience that she said she hated him. Wow that was quick! Fortunately we didn't get him just for her. She did take it back shortly after that. The kids had no idea what we were getting into when we got him, thank goodness Don and I did.


Melanie said...

A puppy! Wow, you win the fun mom award. Let's not tell Evan, he was happy with the goldfish.

Brianna E. said...

Cute little puppy! Looks like you had a fun Christmas, and a fun December!

Kristy said...

He really is a cute puppy!

Lindsey said...

Hey I need to get your email address so I can invite you to my blog. Mine is l_christensen21@hotmail.com

Janae said...

Angie~ great Christmas photos:) you are VERY brave with the puppy thing...you are a good mom!
Now, Christmas was a couple months ago though... a new post in your future soon;)