Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

We had the wonderful opportunity of attending the Draper Temple Open House with my sister and her family. It was such an enjoyable experience. Big thanks to Grammie for watching Jonah so Don and I could enjoy ourselves. We traveled without fighting and the kids were generally well-behaved, except for one little fart while in the temple, but we will leave that offender nameless. Joshua said his favorite thing was the huge chandelier, Maleah's was the Celestial room including the chandelier and Brynna just grinned really big and said, "EVERYTHING!" She especially liked all the beautiful artwork. We are so thankful that we have temples so close and we have the opportunity to be an eternal family.

Special thanks to Brynna for the little head tilt that let us see Christ in our picture.

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