Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Snyder Family Annual Ice Skating Party

After going to the Draper Temple we went over to Astro Burger for the Snyder Family's annual ice skating party. We ate dinner and then headed off for ice skating. I am so glad we have this so I at least take my kids ice skating once a year.

I got to skate this year since Don was crying about some injury of his. Knee, ankle, old age, who knows!

Brynna really enjoyed it. She was planning on wearing a dress with tights because, "That is what the professionals wear!" Amazingly we talked her out of it.

Josh also had fun.

Maleah was a little bit moodier. Now she is happy....

And now she's not. I'm not sure this picture really captures the full extent of her sulking, but she eventually got through it. The reason for the sadness, her perfectionistic tendencies. She wasn't able to ice skate as well as she wanted to so she was frustrated.

Poor Jonah. He just got to watch. Maybe next year!

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