Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brynna and the 5 Day Old Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Once upon a time there was a little brown-eyed girl named Brynna. Brynna liked to eat school lunch, but sometimes she liked to take lunch from home. One day her daddy packed her a homemade lunch. A ham & cheese sandwich with Miracle whip, just the way that Brynna liked it. He also included pretzels and a fruit snack.

This day when Brynna got to school she decided to SAVE her homemade lunch and eat school lunch instead. Brynna completely forgot about the homemade lunch until the next week at school. Brynna remembered the home lunch and thought it would be yummy. She also thought her mom would be soooo proud of her for eating all her lunch, so Brynna gobbled it all up!

When Brynna's mom picked her up from school Brynna was eating pretzels. Her mom said, "Where did you get the pretzels?" To which Brynna replied, "From my lunch box." Then Brynna happily announced, "I ate ALL of my sandwich!" Her mom said, "Please tell me it was peanut butter and honey." Brynna smiled and said, "Nope, ham and cheese." Brynna's mom was not as proud of her as Brynna had hoped she would be. Instead her mother said, "Oh, no, you are going to be sick." But Brynna just smiled and ran off playing and eating snacks all afternoon.

The very next morning Brynna's mom was right. Brynna was sick! Her stomach hurt all night long and then the throwing up began. Brynna threw up and slept, threw up, and slept, and then threw up and slept some more. Poor Brynna! After being sick all day, Brynna was better! The next day Brynna felt great! She went to a school field trip to the Scera Theater to see A Year with Frog and Toad. And Brynna never ate a 5 day old ham & cheese sandwich again. The End

The moral of the story is...

For Brynna - Never SAVE your lunch!

For Mom - Teach your children about food poisoning before they learn it the hard way.

Written by Angie with help from Brynna.


Kristy said...

Your Back! Poor Brynna and what a good girl eating all of that nasty sandwich!

Melanie said...

Eeeeww! What a hard way to learn a very important lesson.

Melissa said...

That is THE most fabulous story I have ever read. "Seriously" I am sitting here with my mouth hanging open in disbelief! Poor sweet, little girl.