Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I don't post near enough about this kid. Mostly because he runs from the camera and the other three are busy posing, so you know who I am taking pictures of.
Joshua was on a great basketball team this year, with lots of wins and a good coach, it was a good experience. We finally found a sport that Josh enjoys and will stop what he is doing to go and practice. Thank goodness!

Yes, this shaggy haired boy is mine. The hair will probably be something we disagree on right up until he leaves home. I am just hoping that the girls feel the same way about it that I do.

Here he is in action on the court, #15. Toward the end of the season he wasn't afraid to get in there and go after the ball. We sure enjoyed cheering for him. Good job, Josh!


Melanie said...

It makes such a difference to have a good coach. I'm so glad he's had a great season.

Oh, and I wouldn't count on the girls loving short, neat hair. My boys have gotten more "attention" with long, shaggy hair. Sad, but true.

Kristin said...

I have the same problem with brett running from the camera, i think it's the age! People say that on my blog i only have 3 kids!!