Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maleah's 9th Birthday - Part 1

Maleah woke up bright and early and ready for her first present.
Her present was this dress which I got from Matilda Jane.

Maleah is always happy with something new to wear.

Her dad brought her favorite breakfast, donuts. And one of her favorite friends, Mckinley showed up with the perfect present for Maleah, glitter jeans and scrapbook paper. Maleah loved it!

Then we headed out to lunch at Red Robin and pedicures with the girls. Thanks to Heather for the pedicure, Grammie for lunch, and Kristy and Stella for the Hello Kitty Lip gloss set.

I know I might be in trouble with this picture, but I just had to show how we took up all the pedicure chairs. It is a good thing Grammie didn't want a pedicure.

Stella and Brynna in the pink Panda chairs. They also had DVD players, what lucky girls.
Maleah wanted Brynna to match her today so Brynna also got her new dress.

The final result...look at all those pretty toes!
Then we did a little more shopping and Maleah started to get a little tired. She was buying something with her money and when I asked for her money she threw her purse at me. She forgot the red gatorade in her purse though so when the purse hit the floor red gatorade went everywhere.
After that we were on the way out the door when the girls decided to throw money in the wishing fountain. Maleah was throwing so hard I thought she might hit somebody in the head, but she didn't do that she just threw her whole bag with new clothes, bracelet and lip gloss into the fountain. When the girls screamed I ran over and seeing that the bag hadn't sunk I didn't waste anytime. I slipped off my shoe and stepped into a VERY cold fountain. Everyone was staring, but the clothes were saved. My favorite thing about this is that Maleah told everyone these stories and was able to laugh at herself. Maleah can get embarrassed easily so I was so proud of her.
We finished the night by going to a beautiful dance recital that Mckinley performed in. Then went to eat with Caycie and Mckinley.
It was lots of fun from beginning to end!

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Melanie said...

What a fun birthday! Marianne once fell into a fountain on temple square. How did this happen? Well she was pretending to be blind and walking around with her eyes closed. It was November and I was afraid she was going to freeze to death.