Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a happy Mother's Day! I started my day with the usual breakfast in bed, cards, and various goodies from the kids, and of course lots of loves. My girls love to get up bright and early to take care of Mom. At church the YM/YW took care of the primary and nursery so I got to go to RS. It was a pleasant surprise! It was a little bit of heaven sitting in RS enjoying chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels, that is until the kids found us :)

I wanted a picture of the kids and I for Mother's day. It took a lot of work to get them all in the same place, holding still, and kind of smiling.

I got to host the Mother's Day BBQ at my house. It was lots of fun and plenty chaotic. Jonah only escaped the house three or four times. We had lots of good food especially the dessert, thanks Kristy!

Here are all the moms for a Mother's Day photo op.
I don't know how good I am at this whole mothering thing, but I am sure thankful for a wonderful mom, who is always there for us when we need her. Sometimes more often than she might like. I am also so grateful for all the amazing mothers around me that continually inspire me! Thank you all for your great examples!


Kristy said...

Thanks for hosting! It was fun. I guess it is our turn next for the temple open house. By the are a wonderful mother!

Melanie said...

What a great day! I love the pic with the kids. I saw Kristy's dessert on her blog. Yum.

Brianna E. said...

Dang! I missed the chocolate covered strawberries. Someone should have brought one to my house later! Cute pics with your kids, and with your mom and sisters.