Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Mom. Happy Kids.

I have decided I love the First Day of School. And not for the reasons you might think. Although I have been know to say "I love my kids, just not all at the same time." They are A LOT to handle all at once. But, still, I love my kids, I love having them around, I love taking them fun places all Summer long, but I also know that they and I thrive on a good routine. (Kudos to you homeschooling Moms who are able to give your kids a good routine without the help of sending them off to school.) We always start the Summer with a good routine, but by the end it seems like everything has gone crazy. It seemed to be even more true this Summer than any other. I was not at all ready to start getting up and getting everyone out the door, but seeing how excited they are about school makes me happy and excited for them.

100_1608 -1

Maleah did just as she was supposed to, got all ready for school and waited on the porch for her picture to be taken.


Brynna headed down the street to get her best friend, GG, who you can see in the background.


And then there is Josh. He left for school without even saying goodbye. I went and took him out of class. He would never have smiled so willingly except that I threatened to take the picture in his class if he didn't. He smiled nicely, but was mumbling some not so nice words under his breath. I'll bet next year he will be on the porch right along with Maleah. Unless of course he WANTS me to show up at the Jr. High.

I just loved watching them all run around the night before making sure they had their clothes set out, their breakfast planned and their alarm clocks set. If only that would last all year.

100_1614 I loved this note that I found. It reads Brynna is having eggs. Don't take too many eggs.Thank you. Sincerely, Brynna. They really were busy thinking of everything they could to be prepared for school.

After school they all came home talking, smiling and happy. Life is good.


Melanie said...

I love the girls' cute vests and Brynna's note. Josh is looking way too grown up! Glad to hear that the first day went well.

Kristy said...

Your back! Glad to see the first day went so well besides a uncooperative boy. But you did get a smile. It is nice to have a routine and they really do love school!

averett's said...

All I can say is WOW! Look at Brynna! WOW, WOW, WOW! :) he he he!