Thursday, August 28, 2008

End of Summer

This was our last day of Summer fun. We went up to the res with Heather and the boys.
I think everyone felt the same way that Jonah did, tired.
The kids had fun playing in the sand,

floating on the tubes, and fishing. Although we didn't any good fishing pictures.

Joshua & Garrett both enjoyed fishing from their tubes.
I had to throw this picture in of Heather in her bathing suit. Just trying to get even for my bathing suit picture, but of course she looks great! Oh well, I tried.
The funniest thing was when Joshua figured out school started the next day. He was so mad, for some reason he thought August 20th was a Thursday. He tried arguing about it and then determined he had to go to school the next day and it was all my fault. It is amazing all the things I am responsible for:)

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averett's said...

Who is that chubby woman and why are you letting her crush your baby! Really nice picture! I REALLY like it a lot! Thanks for including me in your blog! Love ya tons.