Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Day of School

Despite all the complaining, mostly from Joshua. They were all up bright and early, getting their hair done and making sure that their outfit was just right.Joshua was a little nervous. He had not met his new teacher and the girls saw her and told him she was scary. Don Johnson and I looked in on him about 5 minutes after class started and the whole class was working, not a smile in the room. I asked for a teacher with good classroom control and I think I got it.

Brynna and Maleah were so excited they couldn't stand it. Brynna got a teacher that asked for her to be in her class, apparently there were a few who wanted her. Brynna was so excited to go all day and eat school lunch. Maleah got the cute, young, fun teacher that she wanted. She came home and told me, "I love my teacher! I just want to stay at school!" I hope that feeling lasts.
Jonah is now at home all by himself with Mommy. He is a little lonely and so happy when they all come home.

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