Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point had $2 Tuesdays throughout the month of August so we joined with the crowds of people (Utahans are so frugal) and went to the Dinosaur museum with some friends.
Jonah was as sweet as can be while in his stroller. Maleah made the big mistake of getting him out and then things got a little crazy.

Jonah trying to climb on anything he can.

Joshua still loves the big dinosaurs.

The kids posing in front of some ancient sealife, with our cute friend, McKinley.

Both girls really enjoyed playing at the sand at water table.

All the kids, plus a couple of friends in front of the shark. After it was all said and done all three children said, "That was boring!" Funny, they sure don't look bored.

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Kristy said...

We braved $2 Tuesday as well. Crazy but fun. We got there at 9:45am before it even opened and there was still a line!