Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brynna's Big 6th Birthday

Brynna's Birthday is the same week as Spanish Fork Fiesta Days and Pioneer Day, so it seems like a week long celebration. Monday we went to the carnival. Wednesday we had her birthday party with her friends and a family BBQ. Thursday we went to the parade and back to Primrose Retreat for a Royal Tea with the Spanish Fork Royalty. Thursday night we watched the fireworks with friends. By the end of the week we were all partied out.
But here is how it all began...
Happy Birthday, Sunshine! The day started out with new clothes from Mom and donuts from Dad, but that was just the beginning.

Then Grandfather brought her a new dress sent by Grammie, which she promptly put on. She got some new sunglasses from the Mom Store and pranced around most of the day and part of the next day like this.

She had a party at Primrose Retreat. They let the kids dress up, do their hair, nails and a little bit of make-up, mostly glitter, which Brynna loves. Brynna tried on almost everything there was and strutted down the cat-walk to have her picture taken. It was so much fun to see the girls different personalities come out. Some of the girls are a little more shy about it than others. I had trouble choosing which pictures to share so here are a bunch of them.

Brynna loved these fancy silver boots.

Maleah and Brynna in matching dresses. I think this was definitely their favorite dress.

This is Brynna's friend, Bailey. She really enjoyed posing for her picture to be taken.

Stella, Spencer & Kristy's daughter. She was so cute and a bit shy about the whole thing.

Maleah, finally getting a little more courage to come down the cat-walk.

Avery in the leather pants, loved them.

Sweet Sydney!

This is all the party girls. They were so cute and we had so much fun.

Here is the final fashion show. Sorry about the amateur videography.(if that is even a word)

After they got all beautiful they had a little tea party , complete with china, linens, pink hot chocolate and gourmet cupcakes.

Brynna didn't ever remove her sunglasses, even while opening presents.

We finished up the day with a family BBQ, more presents and more cake and ice cream. Brynna says her favorite thing to do is to go to Primrose.

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