Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cat Catastrophe

This Spring we had a bit of a Cat Catastrophe when our cat, Cali became pregnant. We ended up losing her and her 5 kittens causing me to start a list called, "All the things in life I never wanted to do, but got to do anyway." Helping a cat give birth to stillborn kittens currently resides at #2. Anyhow, because of all the cat trouble, not even including the time I ran over Cali, which she survived and I only had to carry her to and from the litter box for a week, Don is vehemently opposed to having a cat at all at this point. So when this cute little kitten showed up (thanks, Grammie) the kids were delighted and Don, not pleased. I couldn't help but take a few pictures of Jonah loving the kitty.

And what happened to the cute little kitty after the kids enjoyed it for a few days? I woke up one morning and the kitty was gone. I asked Don where the kitty was and he had no idea, but then Grammie called. She said there was a kitty just like the one she gave us in the parking lot at Gold's gym. The very gym that Don goes to every day. Luckily for the kitty there was a nice lady there that said her kids would love it and took it home. So, the mystery remains...We think the kitten climbed up in Don's car and climbed out at the gym, but for now it is only speculation. One thing that we know for sure, No more kitty's for this family!

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