Sunday, July 20, 2008

Salem Pond

Salem Pond has been our favorite park to go to this year, so I figured I better take some pictures of all the fun we have had there.
This is Danielle (Dan's Daughter), Joshua, and Maleah. They were hunting for all sorts of gross creatures in the pond.

Danielle and Brynna floating away. The kids enjoyed floating way out on the tubes. It was a little scary since Danielle doesn't know how to swim, but everyone survived.

Brynna enjoyed playing in the sand and the water.

Jonah enjoys the playground. For some reason this day he started posing for pictures.

Here is a great shot of Heather. I think I caught her trying to say something :)

Jonah, posing again. He spends a lot of time in the stroller, and lots of snacking.

This was the first time we let Jonah in the water. He loved it!

Here I had to stop him from trying to drink the water. I think he managed to get one mouthful down. That cannot be good.


averett's said...

Oh really! You give Jonah a chance to pose why do you just turn and snap any awfull picture you can get of me! Honestly give me a chance to give you a good pose!:)

sheri said...

Looks like you had a great time! I'm luvin the shot of Heather! lol I luv you two and your picture torture game. Keep it Up! I'm still luvin the one of you on her blog in your suit with your D.C. and cookies and the book on flat bellies! It cracks me Up! lol