Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cupcake Catastrophe


My family destroys all cake that every enters our house and has even been know to damage a few cakes other places as well.  This round of birthdays was no different.  Brynna's primary teacher made her some beautiful blue (her favorite color) cupcakes for her birthday.  Fortunately she brought plenty extra because when Brynna helped her carry them into the house some tipped over and some slid off the tray.  Her poor teacher was trying to hide the pain on her face as she watched her precious master pieces get destroyed.  I guess I should have warned her before she brought them over.  It wasn't but a few hours later that Jonah managed to dump one whole tray on the floor. (I really should have seen that coming.) 

My family has some history with destroying cakes, maybe I doomed myself when Don and I smashed each other with the cake on our wedding day, but someone is always doing something to the cake.  Joshua climbed on the fridge and dug through the saran wrap right into the middle of Maleah's 1st birthday cake.  Joshua also ran his finger down the side of Dan's wedding cake.  Apparently he just can't resist.  So if you ever need to put a cake somewhere for safe keeping don't bring to our house or anywhere near any of my children!

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