Saturday, September 5, 2009

Joshua's Big Birthday - He's 12!

Josh 12

Joshua is growing up on us.  He is now 12 and "supposedly" taller than I am.  For his birthday all he wanted was an IPOD touch, a DSI, or a new cell phone.  At least he is smart enough to know he won't get all three.  We got him a new cell phone with texting.  He was very happy!  He took a few of his favorite friends, Garrett, Hunter, Calvin, Daniel, and Zane to his favorite swimming pool.  I was planning on that being the party, but the boys kept talking me into more fun.  We went back to our house to barbeque hamburgers and then they talked me into letting them sleep out on the trampoline.  This is HUGE because we don't do sleep overs so this was BIG!  The girls were not happy, especially when I told them that they could not sleep out with the boys.  Now they are both counting down to their 12th birthdays when they get to have their friends sleep over :)  It feels like Josh has really grown up.  He started mowing lawns for the neighbors, going to young men's, passing the sacrament, and even bought himself a pocket bike.  He has been a big help to me this Summer and I am a little sad to see my babysitter go back to school.

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