Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hiking to Stewart Falls

I am not sure how I got talked into this hike, except that it isn't hard for Heather to talk me into anything.  I really do enjoy doing fun things with her and the kids.  Since she got me a backpack for Jonah I decided to go along.  I carried Jonah part of the way.  Did I mention he probably weighs almost 40 lbs?  Jonah is a big boy for his age. 92% for his height and 60% for his weight, last we checked anyway.  Heather might not be so quick to invite us next time since she carried him probably half of the time.  I quickly learned my hips will not tolerate another 40 lbs. and I don't think her knees will either.  Garrett got in on the action and carried him for a little while.  We let him walk at the end and it is a good thing we had the back pack because we NEVER would have made it to the falls without it.Stewart Falls

The falls were beautiful.  A little less so, when our boys were up way up high next to them, but beautiful none the less. It was fun, but I think we will have to wait for Jonah to get a little bigger AND faster before we do much more hiking or I guess, take Don along. Ha Ha!

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