Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mike & Greta's Wedding




















We were so privileged to get to share in Mike and Greta's special day.  I was Greta's young women's leader and the girls have loved her ever since.  Of course why wouldn't you love someone who takes you swimming and to lunch.  So when Greta asked the girls to be her flower girls it was a dream come true.  The girls love weddings and have been waiting for Chris to get married because they THINK they get to be his flower girls, luckily Greta came through.

Mike & Greta got married in the Mount Timpanogos Temple.  When Greta walked into the room I had to hold back tears.  She looked so beautiful.  It is such a reward as a YW leader to see your girls find good young men and marry them in the temple.

After the temple there was LOTS of picture-taking.  The girls took their job very seriously and carried her train for her a number of times.  It was so cute.  I wish I had gotten a picture of that.  After grabbing something to eat, we went home to get ready for the reception.  Unfortunately Brynna fell asleep and woke up in a very bad mood.  She was done!  She wouldn't let me fix her hair and had had enough picture taking for one day.  I was trying to figure out how I was going to tell Greta her flower girl was MIA.  It was then that the bribery began.  I was offering sodas, chicken nuggets, whatever she needed to be ready for the reception.  After LOTS of crying and screaming she finally agreed to go IF she got a happy meal...small price, we were only a little late and still there in plenty of time to help setup.

The girls ate, danced and just enjoyed being with all the bridesmaids. (4 of them were also my YW)  They refused to leave until they saw Mike & Greta leave.  Now they are planning a trip to Arizona to visit the newlyweds, even though Maleah thought they kissed waaaay too much and that Mike was much too mushy!  I can't wait to remind her of that on her wedding day!

It was such a beautiful day and I was so glad that we got to be there for all of it!

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