Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer...Gone, but not Forgotten

I made some promises to myself and others that I wouldn't just pass over all the fun we had this Summer without posting so, if you care to see, these are some of the fun times we had.

Hiking to Stewart Falls, with a 30-something pound toddler in a back-pack.

The Payson Grotto, a much more suitable hike for the toddler.

My beautiful little Flower Girls, a dream come true.

A Big Birthday for Josh - "He's 12!"

Oh Happy Day! - Brynna's 7th Birthday

Fun on the 4th of July

Also, find out what happens when I tell my daughter "No, you can't have any gerbils, even if they are free!"

And lastly, see what happens when you are in a hurry, getting a birthday present for a party that is about to start, and talking on the phone while getting in the car.  Not pretty.

That is it in a nutshell.  The last few months of our lives.  The good, the crazy and the ugly!

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Kristy said...

Good to see you didn't forget your summer days!