Saturday, September 5, 2009

Oh Happy Day! Brynna's 7th Birthday


Brynna was so happy on her birthday.  As you can see from all the smiles.  I think she smiled from the moment she got up until she went to sleep.  She had a busy, fun-filled day.  She had swimming lessons first thing, so her first gift was a new swim bag, sunglasses, and swim suit cover-up.  She rides her bike to swim lessons so she had to have that first thing.  Don had carefully hidden it in the garage for her to find.  After swimming she had a neighborhood dance class where the girls planned her a surprise party.  She got new dance clothes and a Michael Jackson CD (She is a huge fan!  I think I may have created a monster!)  At the party they had ice cream cone cupcakes, so cute, painted nails and of course, danced!  Big thanks to her dance teachers for doing all that for her!  Then we took one of her favorite friends, GG, and went to the pool.  We finished up the evening with dinner, cupcakes (thanks, Angie Lemon) and fireworks!  Brynna wants fireworks every year for her birthday and since it is the day before the 24th she can have them.  She also gets to celebrate with her Grammie at a family party every year, non-stop fun for Brynna!

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